Friday, March 30, 2007

Post #16 3/28 chase ctd.....

This is our GPS log for the day. Tornadoes were observed just north of Sharron Springs and just west of Goodland Ks.
We were shooting this meso to our west while a large wedge was being reported to our northeast, south of Bird City Ks. Yet again, by the time I got my tripod setup, the Cg's stopped. These 3 shots were filmed just north of Goodland Ks in highway 27.This meso came close to priducing as can be seen in image #2. Rotation was visible courtesy of the nearly constant lightning taking place.

More nightime exposures in need of a Cg.
Chase report continued below...

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Carmen said...

you got some good pics... Sean.

beautiful clouds.

the sky in Bucharest is very clear and light blue for the moment - there's nothing that i can show you from here - that would be similar to what you have in Colorado ... :-)