Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Post #10 Fun with 50mm

I took my new Plastic 50mm 1.8 canon lens with me to school today. The majority of my apertures today were way to wide for the bright sunshine so I only had a few keepers. The fixed 50mm focal length ended up being rather limiting for me. I dont think I will be able to cary the 50mm by its self. I shot completely in manual mode today in an attempt to get an instinct for combonations of aperture and shutterspeed in bright sunshine. The theme for tonight was to do as little post-processing as possible and I think I succeded fairly well.
This image is the reflection of a solar panel cast on to tree branches hence the rainbow colors. This image was not edited at all. Taken with 50mm.

These two sculpture shots turned out great. These two were very slightly edited by simply changing the picture style from standard to portrait, this gently enhanced and darkened the blue sky. Taken with 50mm.

#2, 50mm

I think this is one of my "artsier" images as of yet. I found the combonation of the two shadows interesting. Where did the O come from? This image was only very slightly sharpened. Taken with 50mm.

After getting home, I waited a while untill the sunset colors were just right. I first went out with the 50mm lens on then switched to the 17-35mm widangle after feeling a bit restricted by the fixed focal length. None of these 3 images are edited at all. 50mm.



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