Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Post #8 Tamron 17-35 wide angle shots

Ok, Tuesday was interesting. I shot with my new Tamron wideangle all day. I ended up with tons of spots on my images but after looking at the lens upon discovery of the spots, many dust particles were present on the glass. I wonder if the lens is charged with static electricity or something? I havent had any problems with this on my new 50mm. The light on tuesday was total crap with a lingering hazy dull cloudyness so I did my best.This is the shot that I wanted all along but the lighting was crap so the original from my kit lens remains superior(see below). Either way, it was nice being able to get the whole tree for once.This was the unintentional 30 sec exposure gone wrong. Well wither way, It ended up being accidental art and I like it so this is the Pepsi Center 4th of July spectacular.

Dont eat drugs before taking pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed how you captured denver with the wide angle lens in the 3rd pic.

i wish i could experiment with some different lenses but i dont have the money or good enough camera :/

o well, check out my stuff though when you get this