Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Post #14 Tuesday Short Chase

Today was a day filled with anxiety for me. Although marginal moisture was present, there was ample wind shear to get some rotating updrafts. I got out of class at 5:15, went to the top of the parking structure at MSCD and saw the storm below. I flipped and booked south on I-25 to Castle rock where i waited for Jon Merage to pick me up. The storm showed promise for a while but quickly fizzed just as we neared the area. New updrafts went up to the west but just couldnt get going like the first one. After watching a few turkey towers go up, the action to the west, right over the foot hills near monument cought our attention. Although the updrafts were tiny, the shear made for some interesting moments but no solid rotation was observed. We stayed with the storms/showers untill dark in hopes of lightning but that never happened so we headed home to prepare for tommorow's very promising chase. Jon Merage and I will be heading out about 9 A.M. to a target that will be determined tommorow morning. Tommorow looks to be a great setup but a possible linear convective mode could pose some problems. We will target where ever the possibility of discreet storms will be maximized. Either way, there will be some boomers out there for sure!!!!

this tower got me really stoked.
Check the Tilt!!!!

Interesting Base

ctd.. These are the only two good base shots I got after realising my ISO was cranked from shooting in the sun earlier. BTW, these were all shot around Monument except the first one.

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