Thursday, March 29, 2007

Post #15 3/28 chase report

Jon Merage and I finally got out of Denver around 11 am. We wanted to make Liberal Kansas but that was alittle out of our reach. We made it down to Tribune for initiation and wandered around as storms tryed to get rooted. After seeing like 4 or 5 storms fizzle, we finally got a nice established storm moving to the north out of Tribune. We were taking stills on some side road when the coolest police officer ever pulled up. We chatted for a bit and after a few minutes, he informed us of a reported tornado on the ground just to our north. We blasted north and sure enough, just north of Sharon Springs, we encountered a white tube as it was beginning to rope out. We observed it for no more than two minutes before it vanished. I was shooting the video but neglected to notice a reflection in the window that all but ruined the footage. I wasent able to get any stills due to shooting video and the short lived nature of the tornado. We continued north untill we were just south of Goodland Kansas where we observed a needle like funnel/possible tornado(no stills or video). After going over storm reports and other chasers logs, it is apparent that the needle funnel was a satelite to an obscured wedge tornado to our north east. This funnel/tornado lifted pretty much as soon as I started recording. What a great chase. This tornado has me anxiously anticipating the rest of the season.
Jon Merage, enjoying the explosive nature of some early updrafts. Early, highbased rotation. After consulting the coolest policeman ever, we headed north on 27 toward Sharon Springs Kansas.First and best tornado of the day just north of Sharon Springs KS on highway 27. Unfortunately, there was no where to pull over and the rain and hail was relentless. Both of these video grabs are courtesy of Jon Merage and have been edited by me to remove an annoying reflection of an object within the vehicle. Tornado with a Cg in the background heading north behind reckless locals. Unfortunately, no stills were taken because I was busy shooting video.The setting sun provided for some great backlighting here (looking west).Awesome, creamy mammatus (looking south). After dark pics continued in the next post----------------------------------.

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there's a dolphin! Great shot Sean!