Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ok, today was a blast aside from dust on my sensor. Regardless of the dust, I did manage to get a few keepers. I headed up to red rocks about an hour before sunset to get some shots of the virga. I took a few shots facing east shortly after sunset and got only a few decent ones. After red rocks, I headed to clement park for some after dark action. Most of the clement park shots were 30 second exposures at 200 ISO and f6 aperture I think. The first photo is facing the library with a car passing. The second is on the east side of the lake facing west. Some pretty crazy metering happened in this shot as it is seemingly divided in half. Everything is blown out on the right side and to the left, neatly in focus. I need to get a grip of this metering thing, I had a few shots that were way out of focus on one side. The spots came back during the cloud shots but I managed to edit most of them out. I will be sending the camera back to Canon to get the sensor cleaned unless I grow the balls to do it my self.
1/2 and 1/2
Under exposed, I think
Trimmed to exclude sensor dust


Fave for sure(spots obscured by clouds)

A sign of good things to come

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Anonymous said...

Howdie Sean,
i found out about your blog from your father - who is a coleague of mine at work. (to tell you the truth, the only thing he's talking about in the last weeks is his countdown - until he gets back home - he's very excited about this. it's a kindda sad thing)
I like to see people passionate about photography. I am.
Some photos that you posted are really nice. i would try to take pics and use as little 'post-processing' as possible. You have a great camera - try to use it at its maximum capacities. it's easy to put it on automatic and go home and modify the pictures - it's much more exciting to get good pictures and have this feeling that there's nothing else you would change about them.
I'm watching your work...
see ya.