Monday, February 26, 2007

Post #5 Lenses

Well, I have finally decided to bite the bullet and buy some lenses. I waited for ages for BandH to get the Tamron 17-35 wide angle but it never happened. I decided to buy it at for like 50$ more. I also got the Canon 50mm 1.8 II. I did find a nasty little particle on the inside of the kit lens so as soon as I get the 17-35 and the 50mm, I will send that back to Canon and hopefully they will give me a new one. I will soon have the ideal set of storm chasing lenses for under 500$ I was going for that Canon 17-40L originally but after reading the reviews for the Tamron, I decided to save 250 bucks. I guess all I will need in the future is a telephoto lens and I am certainly not in a hurry to get one although I did miss having one at the Avs game the other night. finally decided to send me the 2gb compact flash card that I paid for so I will be in buisiness very soon. Anyway, here is an old JPEG shot from my first shoot with my Rebel XT.

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