Friday, February 23, 2007

Post #4 Denver Pictures

Yesterday was a productive day for picture taking. I shot the stairs at the Market street bus station after walking with Michael Carlson to his bus. I was actually told that I was not supposed to take pictures there? I couldn't imagine why unless it is some terrorism bs. Anyway, I also shot the big white statues at the performing arts complex along with some other objects along the way. I would have liked to be chasing right now but it didn't seem realistic. for those who went, it certainly paid off with Jon, Roger, Tony, Verne, and Michael catching a tornado near Mclean Texas. I guess I will post some pictures while I sit here soaking in jealousy.
This is at MSCD, I went
a little crazy with the editing but
I like the way the colors look almost completely digital animation
Market Street Station Performing Arts Complex
They play funky music under these things Inside Performing Arts Also inside, looking west Same but BW This is looking up from the river.
I wanted to completely frame the statue in the trees but I need that
Tamron 17-35mm Wide-angle

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