Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Post #2, Possible weekend chase.

Well, It seems that saturday holds some potential for severe weather within a reasonable driving distance from Denver. Wichita AFD and SPC extended outlook both have some pretty strong wording. A cold core event seems possible but is it worth driving through a possible blizzard to get back to Denver? This is one of the main considerations I am taking into account along with the fact that my chase buddy, Jon Merage is likely heading out with Roger Hill and chasing all the way into the Mississippi River Valley. I dont have any equipment other than a few cameras and some road maps so if I did go, I would have to rely on nowcasts assuming I could find one. Anyway, this is still a ways out but Im keeping my eyes on it for sure. Dodge City corridor and anything to the west I could do but east of there is questionable. I cant get stranded in a blizzard on I-70 either because I have to be back by sunday night for a rollerhockey game.

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