Thursday, February 22, 2007

Post #3, Chasing for me Unlikely.

This system seems to have slowed a bit giving Sw Kansas a shot of severe Friday evening. It is likely that storms will not initiate until around sunset. Considering hasn't sent me my memory card as of yet, I would be un-prepaired to shoot many RAW images tomorrow. I am also scheduled to work so these 3 factors combined have led me to cease any hope of chasing tomorrow. It is only February and there will be many more setups (probably better than this one) throughout the spring. On a different note, I did get a chance to get out and shoot some images in Denver today. I focused mainly on the performing arts center architecture, utilizing shadows and light rays and learning about their effects on the images that I take. I shot mainly in RAW today so the images should prove to be fixable if any of them are flawed. Stay tuned, images from today are coming later tonight.

GO AVS!!!!!!!

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