Friday, May 30, 2008

Fantastic Nightime Tornadoes in Kansas!!!

Another Amazing chase!!! I finally was able to take tripoded shots of a tornado at night with lightning. We were just north of Belleville, Ks. observing this tornado.

Well, this is pretty much the money shot. Focus was a little off and ISO 800 left a little something to be desired but I am thrilled regardless.

Awesome Tornado!!! This image is heavily edited.


Another Killer shot. I was loosing it as I reviewed this image on my camera.

Very Nice Structure! It was hard to tell how many seperate tornadoes were observed.

Action in Kearney, Ne. Earlier in the day.

Nasty looking wall cloud. Not sure if there was a tornado here.

This was sooo close to touching down.

We started the day in Goodland, Ks. noticing that the SPC had their risk way too far east. All it took was an easy drive to Hays and and north to Kearney, NE. The Kearney storm was fierce but visibility was an issue. We watched power flashes and a rain-wrapped tornado pass through north Kearney. We abandoned the storm near Grand Island, Ne. and dropped south to a new supercell near Beloit, Ks. We were pretty late for this one but after shooting lightning in Concordia, Ks. we booked north to Belleville with hopes of a nightime tornado. Obviously, we got our wish and some great shots to boot. A few tornadoes and a possible wedge were observed north of Belleville. This and previous chases in May have all lead to tornadoes. We are going on 5 consecutive chase days with observed tornadoes, Fantastic!! Hopefully the trend will continue with minimal loss of life and minimal damage to property in the effected areas.


Anonymous said...

I was really glad to find these photos of the tornado north of Belleville. My family's farm was hit and they lost the barn, grain bins, and part of the house. No one was hurt, but it was very scary. That area has been hit several times, but it has never hit the house. I am curious about the location you were at while taking these and the times of the photos.

Anonymous said...

Looking at those photos are awesome..You really did a great job on capturing those furious dark wall of cloud..I really find them attractive..I'm sure you guys did have a great tornado chase..Looking more for other updates..Great post!