Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5/24 Oklahoma Tornadoes

2 tornadoes on the ground here. The one in the foreground moved right at us as the other tornado roped out. This storm offered very little in the way of visibility after these tubes.

Our attention quickly focused on this tornado that came right at us.

Majestic tornado in its weakening stage.

A nice CG blasts right through the RFD of the decaying supercell.

Intense lightning right over the highway.

This day offered two potential targets, one to the north in Nebraska and one to the south along an outflow boundary in north/central Oklahoma. We didnt like the instability forecast for Nebraska so we blasted south to Oklahoma where a large tornadic supercell was already ongoing. We were quite late to the storm but that didnt stop us from seeing 2, possibly 3 tornadoes. This was also the only real quality lightning op for us over the 4 days.

Despite a really great stormchase, many people lost their lives and homes in this tornado outbreak. The tornado in Parkersburg that killed at least 6 has been rated an EF-5 by NWS Des Moines, the first in Iowa since 1976. My thoughts are with all who were affected by these tornadic events.

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Anonymous said...

Those were great photos..Thanks for sharing them around..It's such a disaster whenever tornado roaring off on a certain community area..it's the worse scenario for the residence affected by such..My thoughts also for the people affected by the destructive tornado..