Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5/23 Tornadoes in kansas

Nasty EF-4 Tornado to the south of Quinter, Ks. On an intercept course with us. This was my first time being chased by a violent tornado.

The tornado went multivortex as it crossed the highway before wedging out north of Quinter.

Contrast enhanced image of one of the tornadoes north of Ness City, Ks.

Another Amazing day! We watched the Quinter, Ks. EF-4 tornado cross I-70 right infront of us. It was a nasty looking cone south of the highway but transformed into a multivortex tornado as it crossed the I-70. Unfortunately, the road network in the area sucked, offering no paved road options north out of Quinter just as we experienced on May 22nd of last year. Many chasers found them selves stuck in the mud around the Quinter area. We blasted east after seeing this tube and dropped south to the next storm. We go stuck behind the ROTATE armada but witnessed two more tornadoes north of Ness City, Ks. The light was very low and I had to use a high ISO so the pictures kinda suck.

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