Monday, May 21, 2007

Post #29 First HDR Attempts/chasing today and tommorow

These shots were created by combining 3 shots of the same image at diffrent exposure levels. I downloaded the Photomatix software to check it out and I like what I see so far. I have not bought the program as of yet so it places the Photomatix watermark on my images. These shots are all handheld which is not recomended for combining bracketed exposures. Jon Merage and I will be chasing a marginal setup in Eastern Colorado today and we will chase south-central Kansas tommorow. SPC is mentioning strong tornadoes in their new day 2 outlook which is suprising. I dont think this will pan out like april 23-24 and may 4-5 but I think we will have a decent shot at some naders.

This is my living room. I attempted to make the colors as natrual as possible but it didnt really work. The shot is rather soft due to camera shake over the 3 seperate exposures. I have to pay $100 to get the watermark off of there. I think it may be worth the investment.
This is looking west from my backdoor. Once again, shot is soft from camera shake and misalignment over 3 exposures.

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