Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5/29 Colorado Chase Report

Got pretty much what we expected today. A decent rotating storm before becoming outflow dominant. Started the day in Denver and ended in Denver so thats nice for a change. It wasnt a very productive day for photography as most of my shots were out of focus but I managed to get a few keepers. Woke up to a 5% tornado risk and drove to Limon. A storm went up east of Castle Rock and quickly became tornado warned. We pulled up just as the warning came out and observed a weak wall cloud and decent storm structure. The storm chased us east and quickly crapped out but not before producing an awesome striated shelf cloud. Im looking forward to more Colorado upslope action in the coming months.

A quick HDR shot (I know, I still need to purchase the software but im broke) HDR does wonders for stormscapes but can also make them look fake, this is the original.
The same storm near Simla, just north of Highway 24

Photogenic outflow crap near Genoa


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