Thursday, April 26, 2007

Post #23 4/24/07 Chase Report

Ok well we started the day in some crappy town west of Pratt Kansas. It was a tricky forecast and we ended up all the way down in Enid Oklahoma before we realized we needed to get back north to the area that had not been raped by the squall line earlier in the day. Jon Merage noticed a boundary on the radar and storms soon began to fire along it. We targited the southern end in hopes that the whole thing wouldnt line out. Boy was our timing perfect. Our total mileage from the week was over 2500 miles!!!! I drove all but the last 100 miles or so after accepting defeat from complete exhaustion. Please keep in mind, these are preliminary reports.UPDATES TO COME!!!

Funnel Somewhere near Nickerson Kansas in Reno County.
Tornado on the ground south of Nickerson

Debris still visible. For some reason, these tornadoes never really got full condensation funnels all the way to the ground. Something was missing for sure as these tornadoes appeared modest in comparison to the previous day.

Decent, needed a longer lens but I can always crop it I guess . I ended up with some decent lightning during this trip and I actually got to take stills of a tornado (Imagine That!!)

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Michael Carlson said...

Sweet shots dude! nice catch!