Sunday, April 8, 2007

Post #17 more 50mm fun

My Father and I decided to go shoot some pool so I figured it would be fun to experement with that plastic 50mm lens that I have. After arriving at the bar, i kicked my self for forgetting a tripod. I did end up with some ok images from 0.5 to 2 second handheld shots but there is some obvious camera shake. I am going to try this again with a tripod for sure.
1/8 sec, F2.0, ISO 2001 sec, F5.6, ISO 200 (masse' shot)

1 sec, F5.6, ISO 200

1/15 sec, F2.0, ISO 200

2 sec, F9.0, ISO 200

1 sec, F 6.3, ISO 200

0.5 sec, F4.5, ISO 200

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