Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sand Hills Majesty

A marginal day with a storm that struggled with the cap and anemic surface flow. Probe 8 sampled atomized rain drops, only a few hundred feet south of the hail core. The storm briefly produced epic high based structure and 1.75 inch hail before interacting negatively with an outflow boundary and becoming elongated. We are looking forward to a great chase day tomorrow where boundaries will play a key role in tornadogenesis and associated V2 intercepts.

Regarding today's photography: I tried a new post processing workflow to increase the dynamic range of the scene. It is essentially an un-tonemapped HDR with a simple mask in the foreground. The improper use of a polarizer caused an unnatural color gradient in the sky but I am happy with the global saturation of the image. I will surely be exploring this technique again in the near future.

Scroll down for an epic tornado on the previous chase!


Dann Cianca said...

My point-and-shoot camera is incapable of such dynamic range.

Sean Mullins said...

Haha, Its more than the eye could see. Still makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)p

Anonymous said...

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