Friday, June 5, 2009

Vortex 2 Random Stuff

Sorry for the lack of updates but all I wanna do after chasing is to sleep. Anyway, we have been roaming the plains for several weeks now with a nice break inbetween. The disdrometer ended up being screwed so we just have a mesonet now, which is better than nothing for sure lol. Had a decent chase today in the High Plains and damn near bagged a tube, but weak surface flow put the kiabosh on that. The weather is finally starting to shape up. We have several upcoming chase days over the weekend and next week. Im looking forward to collecting data in tornadic storms for once lol! Ill try and update more in the near future.

Probe #8 with nice storm!

On the road again!

Jon Merage and Aaron Kennedy get SASSI up and running.

Jon Merage troubleshoots with the data logger, just before the heat of the chase.

This picture sums up the month of May for Vortex 2, but thats all about to change.

This one is for the Chili's Sw Plaza Crew. Miss yall!

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