Thursday, June 18, 2009

6/14/09 Belated Kansas Tornado

This was supposed to be the day before the day but ended up being the day! Our storm really looked like outflow crap but somehow managed to put down a short-lived tube. The tornado was in Haskell County, Ks. 2-3 miles west of the 144/83 intersection. There was no rope out stage. The tornado simply got destroyed by outflow lol! On a strange note, We bagged this tube the day after our obligations with V2 ended. Maybe there was a curse lol!


Dann Cianca said...

Nice catch, man!

Cindy Erickson said...

Wow, Sean! Your photography is simply amazing! And, what fun you must have out there chasing those storms!!! As I have always said to Chris, Sarah, and Kaylah...Good Jobbie!!!

Anonymous said...

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Jonathan Merage said...

V2 Curse, LOL! Considering we were stuck chasing krap in the TX panhandle the past couple days, chasing that MASSIVE sup & twister was a huge refresher. Give me western Kansas magic anyday!!