Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14th Texas Tornadoes

Vortex 2 had an amazingly succesful day in West Texas, intercepting at least 3 tornadoes south of Notrees Texas. The initial tornado was a large stovepipe from our view, followed by a large cone that never fully condensed, occuring simultainiously, followed by a thin tube that also did not condense fully, despite an obvious ground contact.

Lets start with tornado #3, considering its the only decent picture of a tornado I got all day.

Tornado #1 in progress with #2 forming to the left, starting as a cone.

Tornadoes #1 and #2 on the ground simultaniously.

Tornado #2 at mature stage.

Outflow dominant storm near Douro Texas on I-20.

We were well northeast of the first 2 tornadoes but had a very nice intercept on #3. Looking forward to going over the data. It was also a very scary day for Midland Texas, with several tornado warnings in the area and massive flooding.

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Anonymous said...

im from odessa- glad you guys could be here to catch all those storms on friday very amazing the weathers been getting worse every year