Thursday, February 12, 2009

Retarded Sigma Lens!

Well, I saw that this was released a few months ago but have yet to see a review until tonight. Seriously crazy stuff! Doesn't look that huge next to a Canon 600L.

Check out this link for the review if you are so inclined.

In other funny shit...


Anonymous said...

If you're hoping to become a journalist I'm surprised you would feel comfortable using the word retarded. As the mom of a child with special needs I find the word extremely demeaning and hurtful. People with special needs are just doing the best they can. No reason I can see for mocking them with language.

Sean Mullins said...

Did this actually happen? Im getting blasted for using the word retarded? In this day and age, I find it perfectly reasonable to use such language. If the word retarded really gets under your skin that much, do us a favor and kill yourself because you are likely going to run into much more offensive things in the future. This is not a forum for your critique of my language use, so I suggest you keep it to yourself in the future.



Unknown said...

That's fucking retarded... I mean, that's fucking 'special needs'.