Monday, February 18, 2008

Skate Shotz

It was hard to turn down 60 degree weather in February so I headed out the Clement skate park. My photojournalism instructor, the world renowned Kenn Bisio has removed my ability to use zoom or autofocus in order to help me see in focal lengths. I understand the purpose for this but my keeper photo rate has decreased severely. No zoom would have been fine but autofocus could have really helped here. Regardless, I did manage to capture quite a few good shots of some local skateboarders. My special thanks to Ryan, Brandon, and Jonpaul for working with me on this day. These shots are taken with my 70-300 and 10-20mm lenses at the long or short ends of the zoom only.

Ryan does a flip trick on the quarterpipe
Jonpaul leaps over a trashcan. This kid rips for his age.

A tighter crop of Jonpaul before clearing the trash.

Brandon gave me some really great shots today

I did use my new 430EX flash here. I still have some work to do with the white balance here. Notice the purple tint.
In conclusion, this was a pretty decent day. I found it was almost impossible to use my new 10mm lens so the 70-300mm was employed for much of the day. I will take the 28-90mm lens for my next skate shoot. I also want to try shooting this park at night, using the new flash to its full potential.

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